Dr Priya Moorjani visits the PINC program

PINC students talking to Dr Priya Moorjani (lower left, with grey jacket on her chair).

Dr Priya Moorjani is a population geneticist and assistant professor at UC Berkeley. You can read about her and her group on their website: https://moorjanilab.org/

Dr Moorjani has done very exciting work using ancient DNA to understand the history of human populations in Asia and Europe (https://science.sciencemag.org/content/365/6457/eaat7487.editor-summary).

Yesterday, she came to SFSU to give a talk in our seminar series and to meet with student from the PINC program. The PINC students had many questions about PhD programs, computer languages, how to deal with failure and how it is to be a woman of color in the academic world.

Thank you, Priya, for visiting us!

Dr Moorjani (upper left) with a group of PINC students. Selfie by Pleuni Pennings.