Congratulations to the 2020 SFSU PINC graduates!

Yesterday on May 27th, 2020, we celebrated the 10 PINC students who finished their 5th CS class and who will all graduate with a minor in Computing Applications!

We are extremely proud of these students and what they accomplished! All students worked on a capstone project in the last two semesters.

The graduates

Johana Aleman, Andrea Guevara-Castro and Maria Flores worked on a project named “Hidden Figures” with Dr Rori Rohlfs and Dr Anagha Kulkarni and mentor Karuna Nayak.

Their short video is here:

Adrian Choppa, Kaila Marie Gemenes, Natassja Punak and Imani Warren worked on a project to create a virtual reality game for the Tourniquet Master Training (TMT) by Stanford Technology Enabled Clinical Improvement Center. They worked with Dr Anagha Kulkarni and Dr Ilmi Yoon and mentors Jose Castanon, Ben Tingle.

Their short video is here:

Hailey Garma, Austin Sanchez and Caroline Solis worked on a flow cytometry project with Dr Anagha Kulkarni, Dr Nicole Adelstein and Dr Shadi Toghi Eshghi (Genentech) and mentors: Erick Velez, Sally Mostafa.

Their short video is here:

Graduation speakers

We were excited to listen to the following speakers:

Joy Branford from Genentech

Our dean Dr Carmen Domingo, CS chair Dr Arno Puder and Biology chair Dr Laura Burrus.

PINC alum and current PhD student at UTSW Alia Edington.

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