Students learn data science skills in the 2018 Big Data Summer Program

AllBDSPStudentsEight teams of mostly undergrad students from Biology, Biochemistry, Economics and other disciplines spent 9 weeks during the summer of 2018 learning “Big Data” skills.  Each team was led by a senior undergrad or graduate student, with support from a professor. The program was run by Drs Rori Rohlfs (biology), Nicole Adelstein (chemistry), Sepideh Modrek (economics) and Pleuni Pennings (biology).

During the 9 weeks of the program, students worked in small groups for 10 hours a week on campus. In the first weeks of the program, each team worked through an online class, and then they applied their new skills to a research project. For example, one team learned data science skills in R and then analyzed data on the experience of students in our local REU program. Another team learned machine learning skills and then worked on a project to determine the subtype of an HIV sequence using machine learning algorithms.

Many of the students in the program were recruited to the different labs on campus to continue doing computational research. Several students joined the PINC program to take their first CS class.

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